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A Successful Sale Strategy in Southern Maryland is Using Professional Photos and Videos

In the Australian city of Adelaide, a real estate agent who sold a $3.8 million home recently said that professional photography, video and a 360 tour combined to be very important ingredients to achieve a sale during the first week on the market.

"It’s important to do video, photos and panoramic photography in order to be able to sell to interstate or overseas buyers as well."

In the Washington DC area and in Southern Maryland, we have many families moving to and from the area due to their jobs with the federal government and military bases. It’s fairly easy for a home to be purchased by buyers located in another state or country, particularity in a highly desirable area. A family may fly to the area for a visit before actually moving here. They will have a list of homes that they have previewed online and, for those top choices, they want to inspect and compare the various properties. How does a property get to be on their list? Certainly, the style of house, the price, the location all are important factors. But if there are a number of choices available, what separates your property listing from the others?

A marketing campaign that is highly professional, informative and offers plenty of great visuals is needed to entice that special buyer. Sure, you might get lucky and have the only property that meets their criteria. That’s dumb luck; not a marketing strategy.

Here’s the video that real estate agent Sally Cameron arranged for this home:

Here’s what Sally said about why the use of video marketing is so important:

“Video is especially important so they can have a ‘look through’ the property."

More and more agents are using video which is received very well by both buyers and sellers.

The National Association of Realtors said that 85% of buyers and sellers prefer agents who use video marketing. However, only 15% are actually using video.

A study by Australian listing website found that the use of video increased listing inquiries by four times.

What does this mean?

If a $3.8 million home can benefit and sell within a week, partially due to the quality of the photos, video and 360 tours, then any listing can too, benefit from that level of marketing.

Superior marketing equals superior results!

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